.::*One-Eyed Jack*::. (deathbycaberet) wrote,
.::*One-Eyed Jack*::.

First entry, bitches...

Hallo allen, Guten Tag. Why'd I get a new journal. Felt like it.

Jess and me are goin swimming today. More skin cancer for Cory!

Paul got held up at work yesterday and couldn't come down. I told that to the mother and she says, "HE GOT HELD UP!?"..."No, mom....someone quit and he had to stay."...."oh, ok..."

I'm going to start saving money for a trip to Europe. My cousin wants us to go to France and I want to go to Germany, so why not both? We could get student train passes and have a bitchin' time. I'd rather go to Germany, because the only thing I can say in French is "I like to fuck." I don't think that'd get me very far.

I dreamt I got a really bad tattoo last night and I had to jump over a barbed wire fence.

Leave me comments, I want some lovin'.
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